Secure Coonservatory Bi-fold Doors

Manufactured from a combination of Glass reinforced Plastic (GRP) and Vinyl, Composite Patio Doors are the top of the range when it comes to security low maintenance requirements & long life span, especially beneficial if you are fitting Conservatory Doors.

Low Cost Conservatory DoorsThe reason this type of door is secure and strong is due to the unit being typically build around a hardwood sub-frame containing composite materials surrounded by a Upvc door frame which is internally steel reinforced.

Door Locking mechanisms are very robust, using mortice locks for the main “key” lock with additional “mushroom” and hooks built into various points around the frame. Once these doors are closed and locked it would take a small army to break in through them.

Look for the “Secured by Design logo if possible – these doors will be endorsed by the Association of Chief Police Officers (APCO) and have undergone testing for security performance approval covering the hinges, locks, glass and overall door construction.

There are draught-proof seals around all the edges, (even the letter boxes) and the weather resistant qualities need to be seen to be believed.

Low Cost Conservatory Doors