Sunrooms Add Value to Your Home in a Down Economy – A Wise Investment

Deciding what kind of sunroom, you’re interested in, sunrooms structures are mostly comprised of glass. Knowing how efficient the glass you choose is very important since the majority of you room is made of glass only.

There are many options, single pane glass, (considered a three season sunroom which means you cannot use it during the summer in hot locations.)a double pane insulated glass (sounds good but has no efficiency to keep the heat or cold out, a common mistake if buying a room on price alone) A double pane double coat low-e with an argon filled frame is the most recommended ( this allows year round efficiency and the ability to heat or cool the room effectively.)

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Sunrooms Add Value to Your HomeAll sunrooms manufacturers build their rooms to different specifications so knowing what you want is important in deciding the best products to use. Check the energy star ratings of the glass and remember you want a.29 or better u-value.

The first thing to think about is the location of your sunroom. A great rule of thumb is to have it closest to your kitchen or living room this offers a better re sale value as it is more desirable for everyone’s living habits. Most people like to maximize their view with as much glass as possible this can be done with glass knee walls or glass roofs. Also consider having your concrete leveled to the house so there is no step down into the room giving the feeling that it was added on later. This may be an expensive step but it will have a huge return for re-sale, as we get older we do not like to have steps to trip over from room to room.

Another consideration is Safety, because your room is made out of all glass it is important to use is safety tempered glass, this is strengthened glass that breaks in small pebbles and not big shards, most sunrooms are not required and most companies do not offer this option. It is very important because a room that is 80% glass could break. Most companies will charge extra for this but it should not be neglected in your purchase. Most companies also offer glass replacement warranties if something is accidentally broken.

A sunroom structure material also determines the efficiency of your sunroom if you have great glass and a standard non thermally broken frame the upgrade you spent on the glass is mute. A “Thermally-Broken Frame” is a frame made of aluminum that has a hard rubber piece that “Breaks” the ability of heat or cold to transfer through an aluminum frame, as we all know aluminum is a great conductor of heat and cold.

A heating a cooling unit is recommended for a sunroom addition this allows you to be able to use the sun room any day you want hot or cold. Even the most efficient glass requires some type of conditioning. There are many companies that use a min split HV/AC unit which allows the compressor to sit outside with your other compressor and only needs a small 2 inch whole to pass through the sunroom walls. These units can range in cost quite a bit from 1,000 up to 4,000 depending on the features you want but these unties make for an independently regulated room turn it on when you need it turn it off when you don’t, giving you full control of how you want to use this room addition.

Sunrooms are great ways to let natural light into your home and make you feel like your outside while feeling as comfortable as you would while being inside. There is no more enjoyable place to be as you watch the bad weather roll in from the comfort of your sunroom. A sunroom can enhance your home’s value and often becomes a favorite gathering place for family and friends. Knowing what to look for before your purchase a patio room, is vital for getting the most use and the best value for your investment.

Sunrooms Add Value to Your Home